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L'école expliquée aux parents-Course choices in secondary and high school

How courses are chosen in secondary and high school. This video describes the various procedures, the staff who can help you, special schooling requirements...
As your child grows up, they’ll start thinking about what they’re going to do later in life.
You will hear of career choices.
Career choices mean thinking of their future, making decisions, pursuing further studies and choosing a career.

During their school life, your child will build towards their educational and professional career path.
From 6e onwards, they will discover more about training and careers through teaching, school visits, open days, work placements and meetings with professionals.
They will also learn to search for information in books, brochures and on the internet.

In Middle school, in 3e and then in Sixth form, in General and Vocational 2nde and in Terminale, your child will need to choose their direction of studies.
To help them choose, taking their projects and academic results into account, you will be talking with your child’s teachers, especially their form tutor. You can also consult the school psychologist.
It is important to start thinking about possible courses at the very start of the year, and to apply for several courses, because there may be a selection process based on the application, interview or even an exam. You also need to pay attention to the dates and keep your phone to hand because you may be contacted and need to take certain steps.

To inform teachers of your child’s choice of future studies, in General and Vocational, 3e and 2nde you will need to fill in forms so that their teachers can give you their opinions and advice.
Enrolment in a Sixth form is carried out through a digital process; they will be awarded a place mainly based on their grades and catchment area.
For apprenticeships, you must contact the apprentice training centre and find an employer.

In Terminale, your child will make their own choices for their future studies in higher education using the post Baccalaureate admissions internet site.

Choosing a career or future studies isn’t based on one decision at a given moment. A wide range of courses are available and your child can change their mind during their time at school.

Depending on your child’s situation, different education arrangements are possible:
- If you’ve just moved to France and your child doesn’t speak French, they can join a special fast-track French language programme.
- If they have severe academic issues, they can follow adapted general and vocational tuition.
- If they are differently abled, educational aids are available throughout Middle school and Sixth form.

The aim of School is your child’s success during their studies and future career, during which they will continue to learn and make choices throughout their life.

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