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L'école expliquée aux parents - The roles and responsibilities of Schooling in France

This series of 5 videos, intended for parents, describes how Schooling is organized in France, its roles and responsibilities, and explains all the stages of schooling for children. The video, translated into 9 languages, introduces parents to the roles and responsibilities of Schooling in France.
A parent's guide to school
The role of schools in France

Are you a parent with one or more children?
All children living in France, whether they be French or foreign, have the right to go to school, regardless of their country of origin, religion, race or gender.
Today, all children who suffer from disabilities can attend school.
The role of schools is to pass on knowledge, to give your child a hunger to learn, to enable them to develop their skills and to prepare them for their future profession.
Remember that state schools in France are free:
from nursery school to high school, children are able to attend class without paying tuition fees.
Books are also loaned to your children for free.
You only need to buy school stationery, such as pens and exercise books, pay for the canteen, cover boarding fees if your child eats and sleeps at school, and contribute to certain expenses.
If you choose to send your child to a private school, you will be charged tuition fees.
School is compulsory for children aged 6 to 16, but it is recommended that your child attends nursery school from the age of 3 and, in some cases, age 2.
They will learn to live among others, communicate, speak, draw, etc.
They will also learn to read, write, count and understand.
They will learn to blossom at school.
School does not necessarily end at 16, as your children are encouraged to continue their education.
Schools and families share the same goal:
for your child to succeed at school and become a citizen with certain rights and duties.
You have a role to play alongside teachers:
to supervise, support and encourage your child's education.
As parents, you can help your child choose the right path and training so that they may one day become an architect, cabinetmaker, journalist, painter, vet, bookseller, accountant, florist, secretary, chemist, archaeologist, policeman, paediatrician, stylist, airline pilot, photographer, antique dealer, tour guide, receptionist, biologist, filmmaker, land surveyor, etc.

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